What You Need To Know To Date Asian Girls And Keep Her!

Asian Dating in Australia is becoming more popular for both Asian men and Caucasian men seeking to date Asian girls and turn it into a relationship.

If you’re a single man eager to begin dating Asian girls, you will certainly benefit from some information about what qualities they’re looking for in a guy to date.

Whether you’re wanting to date Thai girls, Filipino girls or Chinese, Vietnamese or Indonesian, there are certain characteristics and personality traits that you’ll need to have if you’re to date or be in a relationship.

Top 3 Qualities That Asian Girls Seek:

1 – Intelligence

An important quality that Asian girls seek in men is intelligence.

On the whole, Asian girls have been both cultured and educated to place the utmost value on their formal education.

For this reason, they desire a man with intelligence. This does not mean that you ought to have an extensive formal education, write whitepapers on Asian culture in Australia or hold multiple university degrees.

However, being possessed of a general know-how is important to Asian women, and may even turn them on.

If you take her to a movie, have a bit of background on its meaning and story behind it.

Alternatively, showcase your knowledge about the type of cuisine to which you treat her for dinner.

Even if you are pursuing a relationship with an Asian woman, showcasing your intelligence can yield benefits during dating and potentially in turning it into a relationship.

2 – Interested In Her Culture

In general, Asian women appreciate men who take an interest in Asian culture in Australia.

Regardless of the level of commitment you are after, it will be mutually beneficial for you to demonstrate a curiosity about an Asian woman’s personal background, traditions, and cultural history.

By educating yourself about her culture, and becoming immersed in it for even a brief period, you will impress both her and other prospects on the Asian dating scene in Australia.

Ask about her family, her favourite traditional food, and about her country’s history.

Whether or not the relationship is serious, taking an interest in her culture will make for a less inhibited and more exciting dynamic between you two.

3 – Be Respectful

Respect is an indispensable value to Asian girls, and is a necessary facet of dating in any capacity.

And, even if you’re just in the dating phase, this does not mitigate or reduce the importance of respecting the person with whom you are involved.

This respect will mean different things, including: respecting her emotional needs and respecting the type of relationship in which a woman is actively pursuing.

Expectations Of Commitment

While some Asian women will be looking for casual relationships, many will be exclusively interested in relationships that are more conventional.

If a more conventional committed relationship does not interest you (at this time) be particularly respectful about communicating what type of relationship it is that you are seeking.

On the whole, Asian girls uphold a reputation for being vivacious, and interesting.

There are a wonderful variety of Asian women seeking out different dating opportunities: from casual relationships, to monogamous relationships.

Dating Asian girls is bound to be a fulfilling and exciting experience. In order to engage in this experience, however, you will have to prove your worthiness as a potential candidate.

By showcasing your intelligence, taking an interest in her culture, and making respect a priority, you will prove yourself as someone worthy for her to date: causally or otherwise.

Top Tips For Dating Girls From Asian Countries

Though there are not any hard and fast rules when it comes to Asian girls, you will certainly want to keep some of the following information in mind as you look for a date.

Dating a person who has an Asian background can be a bit different than dating someone who doesn’t, simply because she might have a very strong cultural identity.

By remembering the following tips, however, you will hopefully be able to understand her more and become a more suitable match for her.

Remember The Term ‘Asian’ Might Not Be What You Think It Means

One of the mistakes that some men make when it comes to dating Asian girls is to make assumptions.

There are over 40 different cultures and countries that freely use the term ‘Asian’ to describe themselves so it is important that you don’t make assumptions.

For instance, you might come across a beautiful woman who has Asian features, but don’t assume that she is, for example, from China.

Instead, say something like ‘You are a gorgeous woman. What is your family background?’.

Don’t Act Clingy Or Co-dependent

Some men have the false idea that Asian women are shy and meek and because they think this, assume she wants a man who is, well, manly.

This generally is not the case, however. In most situations, Asian men will not carry a macho attitude and Asian women greatly prefer that.

At the same time, however, they will certainly not want a man who clings to her or is too co-dependent on her.

If you are going to start dating Asian women, it will be best if you display your masculinity and confidence in a way that doesn’t reveal insecurities, anger and jealousy.

Have a Good Image In Public

You will also find that most women who are Asian will take great pride in themselves and if you are dating, you will need to make sure that you are doing the same.

One way to do this is to ensure you have a positive image in public. This means you should never be loud, rude or do anything to draw attention.

This is especially true when out with her. Make sure that you are showing good manners too, as Asian women will always respect a man with manners.

Get To Know Her Religion And Culture

If you are looking for another way to win over an Asian woman, you should learn about her religion and culture.

Both of these things are very important in the lives of most Asian women and once you find out where she is from and what religion she practices, you will be able to impress her with your knowledge and understanding.

Discuss The Importance Of Family

Additionally, you will find that most Asian women will really have a strong sense of family and will greatly respect anyone who has the same.

You should be sure to ask about her family, respect how she feels about family and if you ever have the chance to meet her family, remember to be on your best behaviour.

You can be sure, they will be watching.

Why Do Men Like Asian Girls?

Why do men seek out Asian girls for dating and relationships over Caucasian women?

There are a number of possible answers to this question…

Sex Appeal

One of the primary factors that motivate men to seek out Asian dating is the sexiness that Asian women so often have.

Part of this sexiness is, of course, relates to their physical features.

For example, many Asian women are blessed with slim, petite bodies, good skin and smooth, silky hair.

Personality And Behaviours

Asian women are layered and interesting people. Though they often seem, on the surface, to be shy this is not an accurate depiction of who they really are.

If you are someone interested in pursuing Asian women for dating, keep in mind that they often have two very different personas: one public and one private.


The increased interest in Asian girls also owes to the classy and respectable nature that they maintain.

Because Asian women do not display their sexuality as explicitly as other women, they maintain an image of purity and self-respect.

While this image may or may not be the case on Asian women at an individual level, many men are undoubtedly attracted to the air of class they have.

No Drama

Most men try to avoid any added baggage or challenges that might be encountered in general dating.

Asian women have a reputation for being non-dramatic and emotionally stable.

This reputation has much to do with how these women have been cultured and groomed.

For instance, Asian cultures assign prime importance to education, family and class.

With such a premium placed on the essential areas of life, Asian women have not been raised to focus on more minor areas for potential upset.

Bringing less drama to the table is an added bonus to virtually any relationship, and Asian women are known for being low maintenance.

When it comes to finding Asian girls, the Internet is a great way to meet in a relaxed environment where you can build up trust before you meet face to face.

If you are looking to indulge in dating Asian women always have the integrity to be clear about your intentions.